Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve Album Download

Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve Album Download Leak

Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve Album Download


01 – Secrets
02 – So Far Away
03 – Ribcage (feat. Angel Haze & K.Flay)
04 – Dear One
05 – When You Sleep
06 – Chasing the Moon
07 – Jessie’s Girl
08 – Monochromatic
09 – Heart On My Sleeve
10 – Wounded Animal
11 – Sum of Our Parts
12 – Sing to Me
13 – Assembly Line
14 – Sum of Our Parts (Alternate Version)

Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve Album Leak

The openly lesbian singer Mary Lambert has finally released the video for the song ‘Body Love’, which had launched a campaign in Instagram where fans climbed photographs of the part of your body that most liked them, accompanied by the labels #bodylove and #lovemybody. The own Mary was the first to join the initiative, and shared pictures of his hair, his eyes, his face washed The entire song is a reminder that all bodies are beautiful, and that you are not only defined by it, but that you are a mixture of all the things that make you unique. Move together, then, this song to all those who are heading for becoming hymns for the difference and the pride of being as you are.

Mary Lambert has new music video. Secrets is the title of this song in which we see Lambert in better shape than ever. The single has been presented exclusively for Elle Magazine and the artist has their composition arose naturally, any night in the Studio, along with his producer Eric Rosse.

“Not only was one of the most fun of my musical career nights, but also one of the funniest nights I’ve had in general. I wanted to write a song with force, but completely sincere. I think that many times we speak above of self-esteem or have a positive image of the same, it comes all together; almost like when it says ‘ love yourself the the the ‘ and is as simple as that. He wanted Secrets to be a subtle invitation to put the spotlight on myself. With all the stigmas that make my life, like being bipolar, obese, lesbian, have quite lived in shame and loneliness. I think that there are many people walking around who felt the same shame and this inhibits them to live his life fully. I’ve really enjoyed and have found a great catharsis in leaving shame to disappear from my life, and that has reported me great happiness to invite others to do the same.”

What about these statements? That is noticed. It shows the attitude that Mary Lambert displayed always, not only as standard bearer for lesbianism, but in everything he does. The secure fans who will love come to this fresh, fun, natural, song as herself. And if you have not discovered still to Mary Lambert, what better time than this? Here we leave you: